ERP and human resource management

Human Resource:

For a business to run successfully there has to be a cohesive and united way in which various units of the organization work together as a sap partner approved company . Each unit is like a department in itself. There are many departments that are interconnected. If I may site an example: the manufacturing and packaging department are interlinked. When a product is being manufactured, one has to keep in mind that there is proper packaging of the product so that there is no damage caused to the newly manufactured product and also it is ready for delivery. Similarly, the sales and marketing teams are closely interlinked as due to lack of proper marketing the sales of a product would fall and often the rate of sales can show how well a product has been marketed before its launch in the market.

There are some departments that do client facing jobs and directly generate revenue. They are looking after the external aspect of the business. But for these external processes to run smoothly, there has to be a cohesive functioning of the internal processes. These internal teams or departments are equally important, as if there is tension and grievance amongst employees then it will affect their work and will in turn hamper the quality of the deliverable.

The human resource department is one such internal department looks into the talent acquisition process in a company. Talent acquisition and recruitment are not the same. Recruitment is mechanical, it is all about filling up vacant positions, whereas talent acquisition is about making use of the right candidates and their talent to fill up positions and thereby follow the same rigorous recruitment process for the future. But talent acquisition is not easy. For proper acquisition of talent, one has to have a clarity regarding the future management of the business and analyse the past history of attrition. This will greatly influence talent acquisition.

ERP invasion:

ERP or in an expanded form, Enterprise Resource Planning is a type of software. It uses modular systems to plan an integrated management system. This is done by coordinating various business processes. Over the past few years, various ERP software have been used for processes like human resource management, payroll, operations, project management and accounting.

ERP software has been greatly applied in the human resource department for talent management. For this many ERP software vendors have coordinated with businesses all across the world in order to ensure that the correct talent is hired.