How does ERP certification benefit you and your business?

SAP AG, which has almost practically captured the entire market with its ERP software, is the body that conducts the SAP certification exam. The certification course is an expensive one and therefore there is a good deal of investment that you may do on yourself or your company does on the individual. In a fast paced IT environment, SAP certification with the ERP software happens to be one of the most sought and desired certification course. Let’s quickly glance through as to why this is a globally wanted certification course:

Individual benefits:

  • Reputation – SAP certified consultants hold a great reputation in the market. The reputation that these individuals enjoy from their friends, family, colleagues and employers is completely different and most commendable.
  • Self-respect – SAP certification gives a boost to the self-confidence of having achieved an important career landmark. Recognition and increased reputation makes the person stronger and gives a sense of increased responsibility.
  • Career Prospects – The market offers good pay and good jobs to SAP certified people. The certification serves as one of the important milestones in accomplishing a promising future as the certification is globally recognized.
  • Promotion – Tge IT industry changes very fast and therefore recognition and promotion are two important retaining factors. An SAP certified individual is seen to have more prospects of getting promoted. These days, companies are also coming forward and encouraging their employees to get SAP certified, which is also been seen as an effective retention strategy.

Organizational benefits:

  • Alignment Improvement – SAP certified employees are able to align the individual deliverables to meet the organization’s plans and strategy. These individuals are able to identify and analyze the correct data proactively and propose solutions. The entire process is able to effectively align the workforce and organizational goals to achieve corporate objectives.
  • SAP Training Modules
  • HCM – Usually an HR representative undertakes SAP HCM certification. An HR representative who is SAP HCM certified is able to effectively manage payroll, recruitment, ESS, personnel administration, organizational management and organizational reports. Such a qualified HR will be able to manage work in a better way.
  • BI – The SAP Business Intelligence module deals with Warehouse management. An individual who is BI certified will be able to pull out data from different sources and can analyze and present this data as maps, grids or graphs.

SD – Sales and distribution module of SAP helps in managing order and cash transactions. A person who is certified in this module is able to apply for a role, which includes pricing, billing, credit or sales processes. The organization can benefit hiring such an individual, as s/he can be an asset to provide inputs for various roles.